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With Frigate's industry leading 3D Printing services, or prototype any part as fast as a day! We can make your products for your demand. We are your Manufacturing Partner for precise and accurate 3D printed parts at an affordable price. Upload your 3D CAD file to get an online quote and your product on your way. Frigate offers both metal and plastic 3d printing over several materials as per customer requirements.

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With no hidden charges, we put the satisfaction of our customers as our prime focus.


We have a network of certified 3d printing Machines and Experts on different technologies, capable of anything.


An end-to-end solution for managing your project, inventory of components & logistics.

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With our trustable network of Frigaters all your parts are manufactured with utmost care.


Let the quantity not be your hurdle. Make Use Of Frigate’s DFAM service for All Projects irrespective of quantity needed.


With our completely transparent project management, tracking the real time status of the projects with Frigate is just one click away.

Why choose Frigate for 3D printing services?

Frigate offers a wide range of 3D printing Technologies that can be used to create prototypes very fast and affordable.

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS):

This 3D printing technique creates objects by sintering the powder inside the printer, using a laser. During this layer by layer process, the powder bed is preheated and a laser sinters the powder according to the 3D model to create the solid object. Prototype and End use Materials are available.

Best for
  • Functional Prototyping.
  • Custom manufacturing.
  • Low Batch Production.
Materials We Offer:
  • PA2200 (NYLON WHITE).
  • PA1102 (BLACK).
  • PA2241 and more.
Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM):

This 3D printing method is well-known by technology of 3D printing Technology. FDM 3D printers are using one or two print heads for the deposition of melted 3D printing material. The material is melted and extruded through a nozzle, to create the desired object each layer at a time. FDM is mostly known for being a plastic 3D printing technique, but it is now possible to use it to print metal too.

Best for
  • Basic proof-of-concept models.
  • Simple Prototyping.
Materials We Offer:
  • PLA
  • ABS
  • PETG
  • TPU
  • HIPS
Stereo Lithography (SLA):

Stereo Lithography the first 3D printing technique ever created. This resin additive manufacturing process uses photochemical processes. It uses liquid photopolymers that can be cured. The build plate moves down in small increments and the liquid polymer is exposed to light where the UV laser draws a cross-section layer by layer. The process repeats until the object is printed.

Best for
  • Functional Prototyping.
  • Patterns.
  • Molds and tooling.
Materials We Offer:
  • Visijet Flex.
  • Accura 60 Transparent.
  • Accura Xtreme.
  • Somos® EvoLVe 128.
  • PC.
  • ABS.
  • WHITE.
Direct laser metal sintering (DMLS):

Direct laser metal sintering (DLMS), also referred to as direct laser metal forming (DLMF) and selective laser melting (SLM), is a method wherein a highly intensive laser beam is directed onto a metal powder bed and fused metal particles according to a computer-aided design file .This technology is an extension of the SLS process, which also regenerates real 3D parts from layer-by-layer additions of fused metal powder.

Best for
  • Functional Prototype.
  • Molds and tooling.
  • Conformal cooling tool in Injection molding.
  • Medical Implants.
Materials We Offer:
  • MS1
  • NICKEL[IN718,IN625]
  • SS[CX,316L]
  • Titanium Ti64
  • Aluminium AlSi10Mg

FAQ for
3D Printing

We manufacture machine parts with accuracy, flexibility, and speed.

  • 3D printing is a process of making a physical object from a three-dimensional digital model, usually by laying down many successive thin layers of a host of different types of material. It is also known as additive manufacturing (AM) and it empower designers and manufacturers print object of any shape and geometric dimension. In simple words, it is one of the fastest modes of developing physical prototypes accurately and true to scale.
  • The time taken to print any object depends upon the size of the object and settings set for an object. A small object with less dimensions and infills can be printed in less than an hour. Objects with higher dimensions will take several hours to print.
  • 3D is touted to be the third industrial revolution and has been around for two decades. The popularity and accessibility of this revolutionary technology is increasing at fast and steady pace.
  • In 3D printing, infill refers to the structure printed inside the object. The size, shape, pattern, and percentage depends heavily on the design requirements. Higher infill percentage translates to physically stronger 3D printed samples.
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