What we offer to Start-Ups

Being a start-up ourselves, we completely understand the requirements involved in hardware manufacturing. Frigate helps start-ups by taking complete ownership of end-to-end manufacturing be it Prototypes, Pilot Production or Mass Manufacturing.

By choosing Frigate as a manufacturing partner, Start-Ups can focus more on value creation for customers rather than worrying about the tiersome vendor management or manufacturing bottlenecks.

With Frigate, there is no need to have an internal sourcing/manufacturing team as all the updates related to the manufacturing of various parts are available in the same place on the Frigate platform.

We are the only partner your Start-up will ever need when it comes to making your product be it Machining, Fabrication, Electronics, Plastics or any of these combinations.


How we work (The Frigate Way)

FAQ for

  • Yes, Frigate provides a one-stop solution for all your manufacturing needs. We specialise in Mechatronics products and our state-of-the-art platform provides clear status on the tracking of each component and the assembly too.
  • As a start-up ourselves, we understand the problems in this domain. We assure our prices will be very competitive and we always look for long term engagement when it comes to Start-Ups. Frigate's focus is on removing the hassles of manufacturing and let the Startups focus on their products.
  • Yes! We have the in-house expertise with strong experience across various domains such as Mechanical, Electronics and Software. If you have a defined product requirement, we can help you take off from there, right from Prototypes and Pilot production to Mass Manufacturing in volumes.
  • Yes, Frigate helps start-ups with making prototypes be it plastics or metal with or without electronics.
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