In Frigate, we understand that a robotic solution is a challenge to design, engineer and deploy. We offer a robust supply chain that is universal and inline with the global standards.

By being able to manufacture any hydraulic, pneumatic or electric robotic parts at globally competitive prices with utmost trust and quality, Frigate is ready to accept any challenge and get it delivered right on time!

Our expertise in BLDC motors manufacturing, be it for actuators or drives for your applications, is constantly improving with close-knit coordination of the entire supply chain from the steel supplier providing the silicon steel, all the way down to the wire cutting machines making the stator cores.

Frigate's Edge

Integrated Manufacturing

Electronics, Plastics and Metal parts all under one roof.

Industry Experience

Manufacture your parts in the same place where the leading OEMs get it done!

Track on-the-go

With our AI platform's real time updates, be assured of smooth deliveries.

Why choose Frigate for Robotics & IoT services?

Frigate offers a variety of manufacturing processes that can be used to bring to you very fast & affordable services.

Frigate adopts a holistic approach covering all your requirements for developing robots or IoT solutions by relieving you from the burden of,

  • Designing Hardware
  • Designing Firmware
  • Mechanical Design
  • Testing
  • Manufacturing

With our turnkey offerings, we free ample time for our clients for them to focus upon the other critical tasks at stake. So, if you are in search for a single source to develop your product, then it's time we talk business!