Electric Vehicle
and Assembly

What Frigate Offers?

Combine the best of Prototyping and Production methods from Chassis fabrication to making custom fasteners for testing through our flexible resources to provide a competitive and convenient manufacturing solution.

With Frigate, we ensure that the supply chain doesn’t affect your technical requirements. Frigate has partnered with global manufacturers to procure and assemble the electronics that otherwise becomes a dire congestion. Be it touchscreen displays for infotainment to niche microcontrollers for your motor drives, we can provide a comprehensive solution for your EV requirements.

Our AI engine will ensure all your designs are made to the exact standards and delivered on time using the best resources, thereby letting you focus on your product, testing and market.

Frigate's Edge

Integrated Manufacturing

Electronics, Plastics and Metal parts delivered as an assembly.

Industry Experience

Manufacture your parts in the same place where the leading OEMs get it done!

Track on-the-go

With our AI platform's real time updates, be assured of smooth deliveries.

Why choose Frigate for Electric Vehicles Services?

Frigate offers a variety of manufacturing processes that can be used to bring to you very fast & affordable services.

Integrating user behaviour with the cloud based infotainment systems is what makes your infotainment tech a must have in the market. Frigate helps you to combine our innovative engineering with the technical expertise & standardised processes from our Frigaters to develop the best possible solutions for your requirements.

We support a wide range of system development including those which form a part of the standard built-in to the aftermarket customisations.

Frigate is also tech savvy in getting the user’s smartphone coupled with the vehicle infotainment system through Bluetooth connectivity or WI-FI enabling the EV users to use their smartphone features on-the-go without any distractions.

Reach out to us & leverage our expertise for a seamless user experience in your EVs.