Made by Frigate for the Sky

Frigate specialises in Composites Manufacturing which is core to the modern Aerospace Structures. With Frigate, there is no need to invest in new machinery and toolings as we capitalize on the power of cloud manufacturing to ensure your aerospace parts are manufactured to the highest standards by our trusted Frigaters.

We support product teams in lightweighting and have necessary rubber, aluminium and composite manufacturing facilities that can support your manufacturing needs without any upfront costs.

Be it carbon fibre chassis for drones, glass-fibre reinforced parts for UAVs or composite core for propulsion systems, we ensure utmost quality through each process by our AI enabled tracking platform & the best part is, all these can be done irrespective of the production quantity.

Frigate's Edge

Integrated Manufacturing

Electronics, Composites, Rubber and Metal - Made to Precision.

Industry Experience

Manufacture your parts in the same place where the leading OEMs get it done!

Track on-the-go

With our AI platform's real time updates, be assured of smooth deliveries.

Why choose Frigate for Defense & Aerospace Services?

Frigate offers a variety of manufacturing processes that can be used to bring to you very fast & affordable services.

Our trusted network of Frigaters possess the necessary Quality certifications which assure our clients that their projects are not only delivered on time, but also processed with the internationally accepted standards.

Constant innovation lies in the core of the Defence & Aerospace domains. Frigate frees up the much needed time for our clients by taking care of their manufacturing requirements so that they can channelize all their focus into innovating! Upload your requirements & we shall pick the right Frigater to get it done for you, inspect it at the place of manufacture & deliver it to your hands on time.