On-demand manufacturing in India - Consumer Electronics

Consumer Electronics Services

The time to market determines how much of a market share your product is going to get. Leverage our network of certified Frigaters to suffice your manufacturing requirements for consumer electronics. Frigate supports the development & deployment of the following products manufactured according to your customised needs.

  • Custom LED TVs
  • Kiosks
  • Android TV Box
  • Smartwatch
  • Bluetooth Headphones

The brainpower at Frigate also supports hardware & firmware development giving life to your electronic concepts. We are quick to build prototypes, test them & re-iterate based on our clients requirement so that once it gets into the product stage, we focus only on the aesthetics rather than its rudimentary functionalities.

Frigate also provides customized enclosures that help protect the integrity of your electronic components from external damages. Our enclosures are IP rated, fully customisable & without any size restrictions.

We also develop and source electronic components such as printed circuit board assemblies, connections, displays, and other components.

The Frigate Freedom


With our trustable network of Frigaters all your parts are manufactured with utmost care.


Let the quantity not stop you from reaching your goals. Frigate renders its services for all Projects irrespective of quantity needed.


With our completely transparent project management, tracking the real time status of the projects with Frigate is just one click away.

Frigate's Edge

Integrated Manufacturing

Electronics, Composites, Rubber and Metal - Made to Precision.

Industry Experience

Manufacture your parts in the same place where the leading OEMs get it done!make.

Track on-the-go

With our AI platform’s real time updates, be assured of smooth deliveries.

The Frigate Touch

The dynamic machine availability from our certified Frigaters helps to get your project worked upon at any given time. Frigate weeds out the waiting time incurred due to the lining up of projects awaiting processing. This matters a great deal since it frees up more time for the client to work on improving the product.

Frigate also supports a wide range of system development including those which form a part of the standard built-in to the tailored customisations. Our clients benefit from early product cost estimation by using our experience and existing supplier relationships.

Reach out to us & leverage our expertise for a seamless processing of your electronic requirements.